Our services / Bathrooms

Installations, remodelling and complete fit-outs.
The bathroom you have now may serve its purpose, but is it really what you want? It's time you get a luxurious bathroom that allows you to relax. There are various ways to remodel your bathroom and it goes beyond painting.
It may be possible to remodel to provide a better flow and add better materials to the floors, the walls, and every other surface.
bathrooms-installation photo 1
A tile backsplash behind the sinks may be a way to add a high class look and changing the shower and tub to be something more premium can be done as well.
Our goal is to make the bathrooms functional and aesthetically pleasing. If they're outdated, ugly, or simply don't work well for you, it's possible to do something about it.

All you have to do is decide what you like.
We have done a number of bathroom remodels and can show you some before and after photos to show you what we are capable of and provide you with ideas as to what you can do for your own bathroom.

Find out how amazing your bathroom can look by contacting us at Savio today. We can be over to create a design you will love.
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