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From basic house painting to more sophisticated finishes and renovations.
Have you ever looked at a space and knew it could be improved, but didn't have the slightest idea as to how to go about it? Our decorating team can work with you on any space of any size. Whether it's a living room, a bathroom, or any other room of the house, it can be decorated to add personality.
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The decorating can consist of themes as well as colours. You likely have a specific style that you want within a room and we will sit down and listen to your ideas. We can also show you photos and offer up recommendations so you can make the most of the space while still getting the style you want.
We will then begin working on the decorating, which could include painting, window treatments, furnishing, and more. We can work within your budget, so simply let us know about any financial restraints when you meet with us.
We want to make your home look amazing and when you need the help with decorating, we are happy to lend a hand. We have received a number of compliments from past clients and hope to receive the same from you.
Every room of your home should have personality and invite people in. If there are rooms that fail to do so, call us and find out what Savio can do.
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