Our services / Flooring

We have extensive experience working with Solid Wood, Laminate and Vinyl.
Flooring is a critical aspect to your home. Throughout your entire home, flooring is important because it adds to the personality of each room and is something you walk on daily. It should be in good condition and make sense for the room it is in.
You may want softer floors in the living areas and then easy to clean floors throughout the wet areas, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.
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If you want to explore eco-friendly options such as cork and hardwood, we are able to show you various options for these as well. This allows you to make the best choices based upon what's important to you. We can help with the overall selection process as well as the installation. When we come over to measure the space, we can bring samples so you can see how the styles, textures, and colours work in accordance with what you already have in place.
You can make the selections on your own or listen to the recommendations of our design team.
Installation can be handled quickly and effectively. Should you need additional services, we can do these at the same time as the flooring in order to upgrade an entire room. Let us help you create the home you have always wanted, starting with a premium type of flooring.
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