Our services / Tiling

We cover all types of wall and floor tiling, including marble, porcelain, glass and more...
Tiling can be just what you need for the home. It may have to do with floor tiling or wall tiling. We work with ceramic and glass tiles of many colours and styles. This ensures we are able to provide a stunning look for your home without you having to do any of the work.

tiling photo 1
Consider what you want the space to look like. We have a design crew who can make recommendations and show you samples.
This allows you to make choices based upon how it will look with all of the other details you already have in place, such as wall colour and countertop materials.
We take the time to meet all of your needs. From flooring to wall coverings and everything in between, our tiles are capable of fitting within the styles of your home.
We will provide you with a design and a quote to make the most of the space – and make it as versatile as you need it to be. Coordinate with our team to get an exceptional look that you will want to show off to everyone. We can work within your budget constraints and deliver a high quality workmanship with all that we do.
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