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About Savio Building


We have successfully completed many high quality residential projects in London.
Your home might be a bit too bland and out of touch. Maybe your bathroom needs an upgrade. Perhaps you need to rejuvenate your entire kitchen. Since 2007, Savio has been gearing up with innovation to find solutions for all these problems. From small home improvements to major transformations, Savio is known for helping homeowners love the space they live in.


  • House Extensions

    Savio has what it takes to upsize your home in the most hassle-free way. Whether you want to create more space for a growing family or add value in your home by optimising the available space, our expertise, combined with your vision, can make it all happen.

    With the team of experienced designers, project managers, and home renovation builders, we can help you make the most out of your house. It all starts with your needs and preferences.

    Savio will work with you on all of the aspects that go along with an extension, including structural framework, electrical and plumbing, and much more.


  • Loft Conversions

    Not everyone thinks about Lofts. But when it comes to us, we sure do know a lot about them. With our creativity and expertise, you can turn your loft space into something entirely new for your home.

    Be it a spare bedroom for your children or a home cinema for the whole family to enjoy, a loft can do a lot, and we make sure to take advantage of this characteristic.

    At Savio, we work closely with our clients from the first day to understand their vision and needs. From plumbing to decorating, we can make your loft into space you’ll love.


  • House Refurbishments

    Even a little makeover can go a long way when it’s about home refurbishments. A renovation can improve the functionality in your home while enhancing the quality of life.

    At Savio, we know this, and therefore, our team of professionals can renovate your home with a guarantee of top-notch excellence. Even if you want to start with a single room, Savio can increase the value of your home with efficient refurbishment services.

    Our specialists begin with understanding your preferences, which then leads to effective planning. This allows the team to identify the right tools and expertise needed to bring your dream house to reality.


  • Bathroom Renovations

    Even a bathroom needs a touch-up, let’s face it. Because, why not? Investment in renovating your bathroom can improve your bathing experience while adding more value to your overall home.

    And this is why you should leave its renovation on the experts. Savio’s services stand second to none when it comes to remodelling. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Savio is known for creative renovations and bathroom improvements.

    Our team of professionals solely focus on your needs and preferences, ensuring to provide you with the most satisfactory experience possible. And we do this within all your monetary plans in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Kitchen Installations

    From conceptualisation to completion, Savio provides you with an excellent opportunity to convert your kitchen into a delightful space to be at.

    From traditional kitchens to bespoke modern ones, our talented professionals make your kitchen top-notch efficient and not to forget, absolutely beautiful. Before initiating all the installation, we conduct a technical survey to ensure everything is in order.

    Throughout the process, we keep our clients engaged in all the stages, making sure to take their approvals in everything we do. In this way, you can rest assured to receive the end result that matches with your overarching aims and preferences.


  • Structural Works

    Offering a full range of civil engineering services, Savio carries all types of structural works to bring your most pressing home needs to reality.

    Whether you want to build a basement, extend your house space to build a garage, or just some modifications to improve the overall functionality of your safe space, we can do it all. Our scaffold designs and top-notch expertise combined with your vision is all that is needed.

    And we do this with the help of industry’s best professionals. In fulfilling all the projects, we ensure to meet all the benchmarks of quality and excellence proactively.


We used Savio Building for our kitchen extension and loft. It was quite a big project. Adrian, the project manager, was extremely knowledgeable and 
helped us through each step. 

We would highly recommend Savio Building for any project. Their professionalism made the overall experience exceptional.


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